Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pat Pat

As soon as Patrick came to our house, we started calling him "pat pat". I think I started the nickname, but Maggie really loved it.

It has really become his name, kind of like how Maggie was "Maggie Moo" when she was a baby. It always catches me off guard when I hear someone call him that who is outside our family.

Like last year when we were walking to pick up Maggie and Miss Corrine said, "hey, Pat Pat" to Patrick.

Or the kids who met him at kids camp at National Conference. We would pass them while we were walking around and they would say, "hey, Pat Pat". It just sounds funny to me to hear other people say it.

So, Pat Pat has been his nickname for a while. One afternoon, while Maggie was in Kindergarten, we drove to Sonic for Happy Hour. While we were waiting for our Route 66 Unsweet Iced Teas, a yucky smell filled the car.

Maggie:EWWWW....What is that?

Me: I think Poo Poo Patted.

Maggie started laughing and couldn't stop. I had mixed up my words.

She still laughs and says it sometimes when he has a dirty diaper.

Poo Poo Patted.

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