Monday, April 26, 2010

Bra makeover contest

Do slipping straps, riding up backs, or not enough support have you ready to write a Dear John letter to your old bras? Apply for a Bra Makeover from Playtex! Seven out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra, which can result in an ill fit for the rest of their outfit, back and shoulder pain, as well as bruising and digging.

We know that busy moms don't always have time to update their bras or even check to make sure they are wearing the correct size. That's why we wanted to let you know about this contest from Playtex! Playtex recently launched, a site where women can go to apply for a bra makeover or nominate a friend. If chosen, the winner will be flown to New York to receive a Bra Makeover with style expert Alison Deyette. Deyette is a fashion and trend lifestyle expert who has been featured on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker and TLC's Ten Years Younger, as well as in print publications including Good Housekeeping, The Washington Post, and O Magazine. Apply for your chance to win a Playtex Bra Makeover today. The last day to apply is Friday, May 21st, 2010.

The 10 winners selected for a Bra Makeover will also star in their very own webisode wherein a makeover candidate will receive a fitting with Deyette and walk away with the perfect Playtex products. A new webisode will premier on every two weeks.

Playtex has teamed up with MomSelect to offer the first 100 bloggers to publish a post about this contest a free Playtex bra!

By posting this information, I am entered into a contest to win a free bra from Playtex. I did not receive any compensation for this post and thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Best Day

Have you heard the song by Taylor Swift called "Best Day"? I swear, that stinkin' song makes me cry every time I hear it. I try to brace myself and it still hits me outta no where and I end up bawling.

It's a song that Taylor wrote to her mama about growing up and how much she appreciates everything that she did for her.

My favorite verse is the last one where she is talking about painting in the kitchen as a little girl.

We were rocking out to Taylor last Thursday. Patrick was banging on tupperware in his high chair and Maggie was planting some tomatoes in honor of Earth Day. She came up with a "gweat idea" that involved lots of scotch tape.

At the same time that she was doing this, the "Best Day" song came on. I grabbed my camera and recorded her singing along and crafting. You can kind of hear the music in the background. I love that she didn't even know that I was recording her.

There is a video I found from back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you're talking to me
It's the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs
Daddy's smart and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

Monday, April 19, 2010

Maggie's first game

On Friday night, Maggie had her first soccer game. Her team's name is the "puppies". What a feriocious name!

Maggie is um, not very athletic. She likes to dance on the field and slow down to wave at the camera more than she likes to kick the ball. But, it's fun! Her daddy is the coach of the fighting puppies. Katelyn's mom is the assistant coach. Her job is to stand on the side lines and tell them which way to go to the goal. They are usually going the wrong way!

The ferioucous puppies didn't win their first game. They lost to some stinky boys. But, they fought hard. Maggie's BFF, Katelyn, even scored a goal!

Maggie made up a cheer for the puppies. Just ask her about it, she will give you a demonstration.

She was sad to "not win" the game,but some yogafina (frozen yogurt) made it a better day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a veggie co-op



Steven and I joined a vegetable co-op this year. It wasn't very expensive and we get a delivery of fresh, organic vegetables once a week until the end of the summer. I am such a city girl. I don't know what all of the vegetables are!

I'll keep you updated on how it all goes.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My job chart

Do you struggle to get your kids to help out around the house? We have tried to use charts before and Maggie loves to check off her chores as she completes them. I admit that I have slacked on getting a new chart up for her. I was creating it by hand. But, there's a new online job chart site that can help with that. And, it's FREE!

Here's some information about the online chore chart's website: If you're having trouble rallying your troops to help you clear out the clutter and get your house in tip-top shape, we just might have the perfect solution for you. And unlike those pretty petals in your garden, this is one tool that will be brightening up your household throughout the seasons!

Check out . Can you imagine your kids actually looking forward to doing chores? My Job Chart makes it possible.

My Job Chart is a FREE online Chore Chart that teaches kids to work in a fun and productive way. Using an easy and fun online system, My Job Chart inspires kids to do their chores on time. An interactive point system tracks your child's progress, creating excitement and enthusiasm among kids. And the fully customizable chore chart allows you and your child to decide upon mutually determined rewards, fostering communication and developing responsibility. You even get an email or text message when your kids finish their chores or they earn a reward!

Be sure to go here to set up a job chart and to create a profile.

I hope that this helps you out and maybe I can get my little "helper" motivated to help out too.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Six? What the what? My baby can't be six years old!

I must admit that the first year was pretty rough. You were not the um, easiest baby ever.

However, I love you so much. You are my little buddy. You hate it when I call you little though. I know you are not supposed to be friends with your kids. But, you are my friend and my daughter.

You have the sweetest heart. You love your little brother and love to help me out with him.

You love Kindergarten and you are doing so well. You love your teacher and your friends in your class.

You are reading up a storm. My favorite part of your birthday party was watching you read your birthday cards out loud.

You have a BFF. I can't believe how quickly you and Katelyn became attached to each other. You met at Meet the teacher night and you have been best friends ever since. She is the sweetest thing and is perfect for you. You are different, but just compliment each other so well.

You love Jesus and you want others to know about His love. I love it when you tell me about telling your friends about Jesus.

You became a big sister this year. We kind of sprung that one on you, but you quickly adjusted to it. You never complain about him. You love playing with him and you are his biggest encourager! You love to cheer him on as he learns to sit up, crawl, walk, etc. You don't even mind picking up your stuff so that he doesn't eat it.

You love your daddy.

You are trying to be grown up. It's hard to watch you spread your wings. You told me this morning that you are going to start calling me mom. Actually, you said, "Mommy, I'm going to stop calling you mommy. Is that okay, Mommy?". You want to be a big girl, but you are still a little girl, too.

I love you, sweet (baby) girl.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

As if he wasn't cute enough already....

Patrick will now dance as soon as he hears music! If a song comes on, he stands up and grabs the edge of the coffee table. Then, he bounces up and down. It's especially cute if it's just in his diaper! I could probably post a video of this since it's just the back of him.

He also started feeding himself this weekend. He will grab food off of his tray and put it in his mouth. I have been trying to get him to do this for a while, but he was much happier when I was feeding him. Now, he's trying to do it on his own.

AND....he will stand for about 5 seconds on his own. He has been pulling up and standing, but he will let go of whatever he is hanging on to and stand for a few seconds by himself.

He's such a happy guy and always smiling. He's a blessing to us.

P.S. I have to blog about these milestones or I will never remember them all!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grilling vs. Barbequing

I love spring/summer nights when we can grill. It's just such a nice feeling to have the kids outside playing and Steven grilling something that is making the air smell yummy.

HOWEVER, in California, people call this activity "barbequing". When someone first said that, I thought that they were putting bbq sauce on something. Like the food you get at Country's or Hog Heaven? You know, a pulled meat sandwich with BBQ sauce on it. I was so confused!

It turned out that people here refer to the activity as "barbequing" and the grill is called the BBQ.

Now, I can adjust to a lot of things in CA. And I don't make fun of things in CA because I feel that when you move to a new place, the worst thing you can do to alienate yourself is to make fun of a word or something about a place. Even though my "FRIENDS" make fun of the way that I say water, I just try to embrace CA and I really like it here.

EXCEPT....I refuse to call that activity anything besides grilling. I used to say that I was "grilling out". But,I've shortened the term so that I don't get quite so many stares when I talk.

Here's the heartbreaker. Last night, Maggie was playing outside while Steven GRILLED. Maggie ran up to him and asked him if the "barbeque was hot". WHAT? My baby's been converted.

I guess this is how my parents felt the first time I said "Lafayette" when we lived in Louisiana. I was more ingrained in the culture because I went to school and my peers were from Louisiana.

So, the question of the day...what do you call it?

Barbequing or grilling

P.S. This in no way will ever change what I call it.

A quick Easter bunny story

I should be getting dressed, getting my kids fed, etc. But, I remembered this story this morning and needed to blog. Priorities, right?

When Steven and I lived in Georgia, we owned a house that had about 3/4 of an acre backyard. It backed up to the woods. This was Easter 2003, so it was before Maggie and Patrick. We had Willie and Gracie.

Gracie was my Valentine's present from the year before. She was a tabby with white paws.

On Easter morning, I got up and let Willie outside. Gracie liked to stay outside all night.

We had a back porch and as I opened the back door, I saw a horrible site.

Gracie killed a bunny and left it by the back door for us as a present. Gracie killed a bunny. ON EASTER MORNING.

She killed the Easter bunny.