Friday, March 27, 2009

A good day

Yesterday morning I woke up in a funk. I was just tired of doing this on my own. Tired of trying to fill up each day so Maggie wouldn't get too bored and start really missing Steven. I just wanted to stay in bed and watch mind numbing shows til Saturday.

But, I got up anyway and got going. We were going to see my friend's new baby. He was born last week. Maggie was so excited!! We stopped to get some coffee (chocolate milk) at the coffee shop on the way there and I felt a little better.But, still what was I going to do with the rest of the day? I decided to just take each moment as it came and enjoy myself.

So, off to see the new baby. He was so adorable.Chunky cheeks and just perfect! I caught up with his mom and Maggie played with their puppy. It was a really nice visit. I'm so happy for my friend.

We left and headed for lunch at McDonald's. On the way there, I had a brilliant idea! CHICK FIL A! I turned the car around and drove 45 minutes for that chicken-y goodness.

Maggie and I ate it up. We talked to the manager. He said that they are planning to build a CFA in Modest0 (15 minutes away) sometime soon. She played in the playground for a little while. Then, we went to a couple of party stores to look for HSM birthday party stuff.

Then, we drove home listening to our "Jesus music" as Maggie calls it. It was just a gorgeous day and a fun day to be driving.

We got home and Maggie got out the new sidewalk chalk. She wrote welcome home messages for Steven and I cleaned out my car. After she finished, we just sat in the grass and enjoyed the sun. I came inside and got a really nice message from a friend and then we went and washed my car. Maggie was so excited that she called everyone to tell them about our brand new car!!

It was just a great day. It was such a drastic difference from the one that I thought was going to happen when I woke up. It was one of the days that I am so thankful to be a mom at home with Maggie. There are days when I wish I was working. There are times when the money that I could be making would really help things out. But, we were able to just hang out and play and have a good time together.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maggie's true LOVES

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tales of the scale (continued)

Yesterday, I received a hilarious voice mail from a friend who will remain anonymous. She confessed that she was driving out of town for a couple of days and in her back seat was her scale!

I started thinking about my unhealthy obsession with that monster that is back on my bathroom floor. I once took my scale on a camping trip. Now, tell me how much sense that makes?

So, confession time? Have you ever packed your scale to go on a trip? Where did it go with you?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The scale

I have been trying to be really good with my eating. I have been very focused especially while Steven is gone. But, I get on the scale and see no movement at all. I get all frustrated and beat myself up. Why? It's just a number right?

So, yesterday afternoon, I hid my scale in my closet. Yep, I hid it from myself.

This morning, I felt so lost. I think I have weighed myself every morning since I was in college. I didn't know what to do. I kept thinking that I should go get it out of the closet. How dumb is that? Does it matter if the scale shows a lower number? Didn't I eat well yesterday? Why does it matter? I went round and round in my head.

After I left the house, I continued to think about it. So, I think the scale needs to stay in the closet. Maybe get it out once a week or something and check, but I am addicted to weighing myself. Who knew I was so trapped by it?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I heard from the front seat of the car

Tonight, Maggie was talking to Memaw on the phone. This was the version of the conversation that I heard from the front seat of the car that took place on the way home.

Maggie: Hey, Memal.
Maggie: Yea, Daddy's not here right now. He's in the, um....what's it called again, mommy?
Me: The Philipines
Maggie: He's in the Philipeades, Memal
Maggie: Is it Patrick's day there in Georgia?
Maggie: Wow, it's Patrick's day here too. I'm wearing all green except for my my shorts. They are black. 'Scuse me. I had to say 'Scuse me cause I just burped. 'Scuse me again, Memal.
Maggie: Yea, Daddy's in the Philipeades for 16 days. He has to tell people there about Jesus because they don't know about Jesus there. It sure does take them a long time to hear about Him. I miss Daddy.

That was about it. She told me that she used to think (when she was 3) that Patrick's Day was named for Sponge Bob's friend, Patrick.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

***a short post***

Have you seen the ASPCA commercial where there are pictures of sad puppies and kittens and she is singing the background?

Maggie was watching the commercial and started crying and talking about the cute animals. Then, Steven said,"we have saved out one little kitten for the year. One is enough."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another story of how my daughter is brilliant

Sorry if you are tired of these, I'm just afraid I will forget if I don't write them down.

Today, we were listening to HSM3's soundtrack in the car because she has a goal to memorize all of the music. I asked her a question about the high school and if it was East High or West High. I couldn't remember. She said, "hmmm....well, I think that they are in California (actually, they are in AZ, but that's not the point!). And they had to order those really cool costumes from the east and have them shipped to the west."

I asked her where California was and she said "on the west". Isn't that crazy?! I remember being confused by that when I had a test on it in the 1st or 2nd grade. I couldn't ever remember which was east and which was west.

Yep, she's brilliant.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The fishies

Our daughter, the little environmentalist, will only use a little bit of water when brushing her teeth. This is in order to "save the water for the fishies".

Tonight, she was brushing her teeth and said,"I wish I was a fish. They never close their eyes when they are sleeping. I wish I could keep my eyes open when I was sleeping. I hate bedtime". I told her that a time would come when she would like going to sleep. She didn't believe me.

I can remember feeling that same way.I hated bedtime. I would wiggle and wiggle during bedtime. I used delay tactics like needing to get 1 more glass of water over and over. I got a note in kindergarten sent home to my mom. It said "Beth wiggles during naptime". Oh the horrors, at least I wasn't hitting someone during naptime.

Now, I would kill for a daily naptime. That sounds like heaven. To have an hour long nap during the middle of the day. I got somewhat used to it when Maggie took a nap everyday. Occasionally, I would head off the guilt and lay down while she napped too. But, she's too old for naptime now. UGH.

Back to the fishies, while she was rinsing and spitting, she screamed, "MOMMY!" I ran in the bathroom to see what was wrong. She said,"now I just spit all that yucky stuff on the fishies. They need clean water. What will they swim in?" Oh the drama.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New pics of Sparky

I keep calling him Mickey (our other cat's name). He is probably going to grow up so confused. He is so sweet and loving, but is a little too frisky for Maggie in the morning. She likes to snuggle and he likes to bite her feet under the covers. It makes our mornings a little stressful.


Maggie and Steven have been working on an entry for the pine car derby. She decided that she wanted it to be a butterfly car. So, Steven took on this challenge and they had a lot of fun putting together her car yesterday.