Monday, May 27, 2013

Cole's Clothes Cleaner

I  have been making my own laundry detergent for a couple of months now. It's really cheap and it works.

This is the recipe that I use.

I keep mine in a plastic liquid dispenser with a measuring cup right next to it. It's super easy and it smells great, too.

I feel like it helps out our budget a little and I feel like a pioneer woman making my own laundry detergent! And I have used the borax to make homemade gak, which is always fun.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Red velvet

My kids love red velvet cake. This is a big deal, since Maggie doesn't eat very many sweet things. The Gills bought our family a package of red velvet cupcakes and my kids have been eyeing them and begging for them ever since.

Red velvet cake has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of Mrs. Rose Guidroz's red velvet cake. She would make it for birthdays and it was so delicious. Nothing compares to her cake. Cream cheese icing, I mean, how can you go wrong?!

Tonight, Patrick was standing at the kitchen counter staring at the red velvet cupcakes. He reached out for the box of cupcakes and said, "come to papa".

Who could resist such cuteness? He got a cupcake.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warning: A cute puppy picture

Steven found the cutest puppies in the world on facebook in February. He thought we should get one for Maggie. It looked just like her American girl dog that Santa found for her.

I quickly agreed that Maggie needed this puppy. There were three puppies and I nonchalantly asked her which one was the cutest. She picked out this little guy.

He's been at our house for 3 months and he is almost 5 pounds now.

But, he's changed up our house with all of those 5 pounds. Copper is a happier dog. They wrestle and play all day long. He was so little that we had to get up and feed him puppy formula in the middle of the night. This confirmed for me that I was really, really done with having babies.

This is Maggie's puppy. However, like all animals, they quickly become attached to the moms in the house. He's my baby. He snuggles against me at night on the sofa. He rides with me to pick up the kids. By the way, Copper's not jealous of this, he gets way too car sick. Just in case you were worried that I was picking favorites.

He fills some small need that I had to have another baby. He is just the right size for me. I didn't even know I liked little dogs until I met him.

Yes, I have tried to dress him up. He didn't approve. He wore his tiny striped polo shirt and just shook with fear. Steven was glad.

So, for any other 35 year old mamas out there. I highly recommend getting a tiny puppy. It helps.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boredom busters

I have been "pinning" ideas for easy craft projects this summer. Maggie adores crafts and doing activities, especially ones that  I do with her. Patrick and Maggie will be home full time in two weeks so I want to be prepared with some fun crafts for them.

However, I have seen three different posts on "boredom busters" this summer. While it's tempting to want to plan out their summer and keep them from whining about boredom, I really don't want to do bust up all their boredom. I want them to know that it is okay for them to be bored. In fact, being a little bored is good for their creativity.

If I plan every single activity for them, when will they have time to find a book? When will they just go play in the backyard? Maggie is way more crafty than I am and can create scenes and clothes out of felt and a hair tie. She needs that unstructured time to do things like that.

I think we put so much pressure on ourselves as moms to create memories and fun for our kids. It is important for them to have fun and be creative. I want to find a good balance between helping them and letting them be a little bored.

Patrick eating bacon outside in his new camping chair. I hope our summer is filled with this kind of fun.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day memories

These are memories that I never want to forget from this Mother's Day.

Breakfast in bed from my sweet husband. Patrick yelling,"happy breakfast time". Then, I asked him to snuggle me and he was annoyed and told me that now it was "happy boy's day".

Patrick getting sent out of Sunday school and having to walk down the aisle in the classic walk of shame as his daddy preached. Lip poked out in a slow march.

Steven preaching on being a woman of valor.

Maggie going with me to get Chinese food and holding my hand.

Celebrating the last frappucino happy hour cause why not?

Maggie working on her lemonade stand signs while face timing with katelyn.

Chasing after twix in the front yard.

Watching the kids swing in the backyard for a few peaceful moments until Patrick declared that Maggie was "ridiculowus" and the fun was over.

Making homemade gak.

Snuggling with the best kids in busy town.

I love you like....

Today is our anniversary. I am so thankful for our relationship and how we have grown closer together.

I just wanted you to know that....

That's true love right there.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saturday night biker gang

Jessica came over on Saturday night. She brought over her scooter and the kids wanted to ride bikes in the front yard. It was cooling off and Steven and I sat in lawn chairs in the front yard. It was so nice to talk and watch the kids have fun.

I called them the wild ones.

Patrick wanted me to take his picture with his "super fast bike".

Monday, May 6, 2013


On Friday night, Steven was working at church. It has been an insane two weeks for him. He has been so, so busy. I have had to do more at home since he has been so busy. It hasn't been bad. In fact, Steven commented on how much we have grown in our marriage. Ten years ago, these two weeks would have led to a big fight. Now, I understand that these busy times come and go and they aren't a big deal.

He was still working and it was be a while that night. He came home and got Patrick and gave me money to take Maggie and go get pedicures. Maggie was beyond thrilled. Patrick couldn't wait to help Steven fix stuff around the church.

We made a quick Starbucks run, cause can you even go get a pedicure without coffee? Then, went to get pedis. There were lots of older ladies who oohed and ahhed over Maggie. They all wanted to take their granddaughters to the nail salon, too.

We got our toes pampered. Maggie picked out a hot pink and wanted paw prints on her big toes. The girl misunderstood and gave her polka dots, which were adorable. I got a pale blue. It was so fun. We just relaxed and talked and sipped tea.

My husband is awesome.