Friday, November 20, 2009


Maggie loves to create. These days, artists need to be careful with their work. Uncreative types are out to steal your work and claim it for their own.

Thankfully, Maggie has figured this out already and knows how to make sure that her work remains her own and she retains the rights.

Tonight, she drew a card for me. It says "I L U rtm". In case you are slow on your Maggie language, "I L U" means I love you.

I said, "thanks, Maggie, I love you, too. What does rtm mean?"

She said, "It's the way that you keep your work for your own. You know, how McDonald's puts that r in a circle after their signs to show that it's their own signs? Or the tm means that it is theirs?"

Yep, my daughter is a cautious one.