Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our doorbell

I keep a sign on our doorbell that says:

Please KNOCK.

Baby is sleeping.

I have had one up for about a year now. I honestly, put it up because I order A LOT of stuff from Amazon.

I just can't resist their deals.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the time I got 24 cans of green beans for 7 dollars.

It. was. AWESOME.

Anyway, I get a lot of deliveries. There's also random people stopping by who don't know how to get in touch with Steven and will come by the house to try to find him.

Patrick naps from 1-3:30 everyday, so I keep the sign on the doorbell. I tape it next to the key basket (that Karen Freeman gave us when we got married) when he wakes up.

I had gotten away from the habit until last week when someone came by looking for Steven and rang the doorbell 3 or 4 times in a row until my mom got to the door. Patrick woke up early from his nap because of it and the rest of the day wasn't very pleasant. So, my mom made a new sign and even put a picture of a baby on it, in case the person at the door couldn't read.

Since then, two funny things have happened with the doorbell.

1. On Sunday night, the pastor who uses our church brings money by to Steven. He came by around 8:30 that night and rang the doorbell. Patrick was already asleep. When Steven got to the door, the pastor said, "Hey, there's a sign on your doorbell. I moved it so I could ring the doorbell."

2. On Monday, I was getting the kids inside the house after we ran some errands. I was about to put Patrick down for his nap when I heard a knock at the door. There was a couple at the door who were looking for Steven. The lady looked at Patrick and said, "he's not asleep. There's a sign on your door that says he's asleep."

Nice. I think I'll just leave the sign up permanently to avoid answering the door. UGH.

Maggie overheard me talking about these incidences to my mom.

She came up with some great alternatives since no one reads the sign. Or thinks it's an odd sign.

Her ideas:

1. Disconnect the doorbell.
2. Write a note that says "doorbell broken, please knock".

I like the way that girl thinks.


Brynn said...

Yeah - we just disconnected ours. It was taped on (ug!) so we just took it off. I haven't missed it one bit.

TheSantangelos said...

Or you could be like me and have a super awesome doorbell! Ours is a cordless (cuz we are lazy..) Also you can adjust the volume and it has like 30 different rings including happy birthday and like 10 Christmas songs!