Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The brick

This morning, Kim and Owen came to our front door right before I took Maggie to school. They said that someone broke into the church last night.

The lady who broke into the church threw 2 bricks through the toddler room window. Then, she slept there and wrote a note on the bricks that she threw through the window. It said, "I'm sorry. I was tired and cold." Then, she signed her name.

She went into Steven's office and wrote a note apologizing again.

She was at the church when Tiffany got to church this morning. Tiffany thought that Steven was meeting with her. While Tiffany went to the church office, the girl went out the front door.

While Steven was meeting with the police, he remembered that he had a checkbook in his office. We keep it there sometimes in case we forget a check to write our tithes. Steven couldn't find the checkbook. We tried and tried to remember if the checkbook was still there or if we had run out of checks. We couldn't remember so Steven had to go sort it out with the bank today. He also had to go and have the window replaced.

And I "know" that the right thing is to feel sorry for her, but I honestly am having a really hard time with it.

This is the 3rd break in that we have experienced since we moved here. The first one was a break in to Steven's truck window.

Then, someone broke into my van window.

Now, the church.

Frankly, I'm tired of paying for broken windows.

I know that I should just be grateful that my family is safe and nothing has ever been stolen. It's just annoying.

So, I'm trying to feel something besides annoyance for the brick throwing girl. I have never felt that desperation before so I can't fully understand what she was feeling.

I don't know how to neatly tie up this blog. Hmmm.....how about "hurting people hurt people"?

Or "it is what it is"?

Nah, I hate both of those phrases.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've told Steven over and over again that we will never be a Husband Wife Ministry Team. But, I opened my big mouth and look what happened!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Rainbows and Butterflies

We had a very busy weekend. The most important part was that we added a new member to our family. We got a little boy who is 2 months old on Friday night. He has been a joy and been so easy. Eats and sleeps and coos and smiles at Maggie. It's been so fun. Maggie has adjusted well, but she got a little frustrated tonight. I think that it was probably a mixture of her frustration with her "projects" and working out her feelings for the new little guy in our home.

Tonight, Maggie was trying to make Daddy a new recipe for his return from hiking all day. She got pretty frustrated because it wasn't working right. She is always coming up with recipes and "inventions". Lately, she's been frustrated because her inventions don't work.

I was trying to explain to her that inventors have to work and work on an invention to make it work the right way. This was seeming to make sense to her, but then (drama queen) got upset again about everything.

She said, "you know, when I was in your tummy, I was kicking and trying to get out. Then, I came out and I really thought that everything was (i'm so not making this up) going to be like a lot of rainbows and butterflies. But, I never see butterflies."

This was followed by lots of tears. I was trying to comfort her and then, our little guy reached over and grabbed her hand and held her hand. She stopped crying to smile and him. It was so sweet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old blog posts

Just FYI:

I don't want to lose my old xanga posts, so I think I'm going to import my old xanga posts. So be ware, it's going to be out of order old xanga posts coming soon. I just want it all in one place.