Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Steven Cole is turning 39 on August 27th. I've decided to spend the days before his birthday listing 39 things that I love about him.

So here are 39 reasons that I love Steven Cole:

1.He puts up with my pets. Willie and the cats appreciate that.

2.He turns the tv to Paula Deen when I am upset. It does make me feel better.

3. He wears boots every day. Every single day. I'm surprised he didn't wear them on the beach. Because of this, Patrick thinks that boots are awesome and calls all shoes "boots". His boots are Cars crocs, so they are his "ca chow ca chow boots". You need an interpreter around here.

4. He is the only male on Maggie's school's community club. It puts up with a lot of hormones and craziness. I think it says a lot about him to put up with that much estrogen in order to help out at Maggie's school.

5. He is passionate about Aggie football. Even though we are far, far away tv coverage of it. If there's ever a Cowboys' game on tv, he is totally immersed in the game. I love watching him watch a game. He is instense!

6. He will watch Sponge Bob over and over and over again with the kids. And laugh at it.

7. He has a little following of old guys that he has met at McDonald's. He goes to work on his computer at the local McDonald's. He has started talking to some of the old men who drink coffee there. They love talking to him every morning.

8. He drinks unsweet tea like nobody's business. We always say that the "only" reason we got married was because we were the only two people in the south who like unsweet tea.

9. He has owned 2 trucks his whole entire life. He blames me for getting rid of his first love cause I didn't want my babies riding in his truck. He is still a little bitter about that. I can't imagine him driving anything else but a truck.


Full Circle said...

where's the other 30?? I was just getting into it...

beth said...

Oops. I guess I didn't explain myself. There will be a few more every day til his birthday!