Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've been on a roll..

I've been really blogging a lot lately. It almost seems like the more I blog, the easier it is to think of more blogs.

I was driving to Modesto today and thinking of blog ideas. They were just coming to me like crazy.

I thought of some really awesome blog ideas today.

Guess what? I can't think of any of those great ideas now.

I thought maybe if I just started writing some of those ideas would come back to me.


How about if we revisit the awesome deal I got on green beans from Amazon?

I reguarly read blogs about saving money. My favorite ones highlight deals on Amazon.

Recently, there was a post about a great deal on green beans. It was 12 cans of green beans for $7.67. Shipped to your house. That's a pretty good deal.

Steven gets all emails every time I order something from Amazon. He calls me and says things like, "why do we need 12 cans of green beans?".

I respond with good answers like, "duh, cause it was a great deal."

When the green beans arrived,a couple of them were dented. So, I emailed amazon and they shipped 12 more cans to me. So, I got 24 cans of green beans for $7.67.

That's awesome, right? I think it's like 31 cents per can.

Yes, these are the things that make me happy now.

It makes Steven roll his eyes. Especially when he gets emails from Amazon regarding my good deals.

Tonight, I ordered 6 glue sticks for a dollar from amazon.

The best part of this deal is Steven's in Colorado and can't check his email.

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Brynn said...

Beth - can you send me the links to some of your favorite blogs?