Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disney on ice

Tonight, I am taking Maggie to see Disney on ice. I am so excited and she is so excited. I got her tickets for her Valentine's present and I got a really good deal on them. She has decided what she is going to wear and wants to go early and see Princess Tiana. It's a mommy/daughter night.

I thought back to this blog.
It was 2 years ago. I wanted to take her so bad, but we couldn't justify spending the money on it. I tear up reading the pain behind the post. I was thinking about it and things are different for us monetarily. We make almost the same exact money as we did 2 years ago.

I guess the only thing that is different is that we paid off a lot of debt last year. We did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. We have more debt to go, but we are attacking it. And it has freed up so much of our income.

So, I'm taking Maggie moo to see Disney on Ice tonight and we will have a great time. She has been saving up her money for a souvenir from the event!

Monday, February 8, 2010

He must be growing

Patrick is a big guy. He's feet and hands are ginormous. He can wear size 12 clothes and he wears a size 4 in shoes. I remember Maggie wearing a size 4 shoe when she was around 18 months old. I've stopped buying shoes til he's walking; it's just pointless to keep buying shoes for someone who doesn't need them and goes through them so fast!

He's not chunky in his tummy, but he has huge cheeks and lots of rolls on his thighs. Nikki (who babysits for him on Sundays) said that he even has rolls on his knees.

On Saturday, he woke up around 7:30. He fell asleep at 9:30 and slept til noon. He woke up and played and tried to pull up on the sofa for a while. He fell back asleep at 2:30 and slept til 5. He woke up and played and ate and fell asleep at 7 p.m. He slept all night.

I was telling Kim and Brynn about this. They both said that he must be growing. Brynn said, "but how could he get any bigger?!".

Sundays are pretty crazy, so he didn't sleep as much, but he ate all day long. He was just starving all day. Then, he woke up at 3 a.m. and wanted a bottle. He never wakes up in the middle of the night.

So, I think we have a big guy on our hands.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm in love

I have a confession. When Patrick came home, I didn't immediately fall in love with him. He's adorable and cute and sweet, but I just didn't feel like I was bonding with him. I kept trying to remember how I felt when Maggie first came home. I don't remember instantly bonding with her either. It was such a haze of sleepless nights and crying for the first 4-5 months, I don't remember much.

But, I must admit that with Patrick it felt different. I felt myself holding back with him. We got burned so bad with the last foster kids that were here. What if he was taken away too? Add to that adjusting to new responsibilities and trying to juggle 2 kids and a house and a job. I was stressed. It just felt overwhelming.

In addition to that, he loved Maggie and Steven. Steven did most of the late night shifts with him so he was bonded more to Steven. Patrick loves Maggie so much. He just laughs when she walks in the room. Steven and Maggie were always doing silly stuff to make him laugh and he loved it.

Last weekend, I had to take him to the doctor for his breathing treatments. Then, I was up most of the night with him giving him more treatments. I rocked him on and off all night in the recliner so he could get some sleep. I started to feel more and more connected to him.

He's starting to have some separation anxiety and prefers Steven and me over others now. He used to go happily to anyone, but now he likes to be with us.

It's like it all clicked at once. He wants us and I fell in love at the same time. He's adorable and so sweet.

Guess what his first word was? Ba ba. (bottle)

Guess what his 2nd word was? Mu ma (mama). He says it with a toothless grin as he reaches out for me.

It's the best word in the world.