Monday, August 8, 2011


When I was growing up, my name was Jonna-Beth. It's a combination of Jonathan and Beth. I always thought it was kinda weird. I mean, obviously, I am a girl and my brother is a boy and we are 5 years apart from each other. Very different kids.

But, totally adorable, right?

Now, I am a mom. I totally get it. You are frantic most of the time and you are lucky to just remember part of your kids' names. You might think you know where this is going. That I call them Mag-Pat or Pat-Moo or something, right?

Nope. That would actually be a step up. I usually call Maggie the right name.

I mix up Patrick and Willie (the dog).

They get called Pat-Willie most of the time.

I hope he doesn't need therapy when he gets grown. I think Willie will be able to get over it though.

Granted, they are best buddies. Patrick gets so excited when he sees Willie after we have been gone for a while. He always kisses Willie's head when he leaves and yells, "bye woo-w00" at Willie when he leaves. He calls Willie "woo-woo". It's his name for most dogs. I guess because it sounds like woof woof.

So, yeah, there's my mothering confession for the day. I can't remember the names of the 2 of my kids.

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Brandy said...

That's hilarious! But I can totally see mixing up the toddler and the dog. Both mischevious and into everything no doubt! I mix up my kids ALL THE TIME. It's a miracle if I get them right the first, or even the second time. They can't stand it. But I can remember my mom doing the same thing with my brother and I and we were 8 yrs apart.