Saturday, August 27, 2011

The final reasons....

30. He made all of our family's Halloween costumes last year. He sewed them and designed the iron on patches. Then, he created a trunk for our trunk or treat contest at church.

31. He can go anywhere and find someone that he knows. Or someone that he has a connection to. It is kinda of weird. I mean, we will be in the middle of nowhere and he can find a connection to the person next to us.

32. He is passionate about his job and ministry. One time I asked him what he would do with his free time if he won the lottery. He said that he would still be a pastor, but just wouldn't take a salary.

33. He has an extreme love for hair metal bands. We always play a game where I try to guess what band it is if we hear a hair metal band song. My guess is always "white snake". Unbelieveably, I get it right a lot of the time.

34. If we see a car with an out of state license, one of us says "I guess they are a long way away from home." The other person says "or maybe they are just borrowing a friend's car". It's an old joke that we started when we were dating. It's not really funny. We just say it out of habit now and laugh cause we are dorks.

35. When I was pregnant, he would paint my toenails for me. He even learned how to do a french manicure on them.

36. I haven't loaded up luggage into our car for a trip in over 11 years. I lay out the clothes and stuff I want to pack and he puts it in the suitcases and then loads it up. Then, when we are leaving, he does the same thing. He also checks the hotel about 4 or 5 times to make sure we haven't left anything behind and checks under the bed there.

37. He made a playhouse in the backyard for the kids.

38. From Maggie: He gives us a lot of kisses and hugs.

39. He loves Jesus. He leads our family to love Jesus, too.

Happy birthday, Steven. I love you.

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