Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas presents

Patrick can't decide what he wants for Christmas. He has a train and that seems to be all he wants this year.

I asked him to think of one gift that he wanted.

Guess what that cutie said?

He said, "I just want the best mommy in the whole world."

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jingle Bells

I plugged in the ipad last night so it would be charged for lots of minecraft playing.

Patrick went over to the ipad and asked me if I charged it and I told him that I had done that.

He said, "wow, you are my jingle bells".

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Phrases that I never thought I would say:

2/15/2014: No, Don't wipe your nose on the coffee table. Go get a tissue.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last night, I got home from a meeting. Patrick said, "oh how was your meeting, mama?". Spoken like a grown up!

He wanted to dress up like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He gathered Woody slippers, a white shirt and his sister's Awanas Cubby's vest. He turned it inside out and found a bandana.

He looked adorable. I mean, tough like a pirate. Then, he claimed a box and I made a mast for his ship. He created a map and a flag for his mast.

He woke up this morning and put this exact outfit on again. I was having a hard time convincing him that it wasn't a good idea to wear this to Preschool.  His big sister knew the right words, though.

She said, "You should not wear this to school. Wear your Spiderman jacket to school and save Jake for when you get home. It makes it more magical." Because she is wise and a big kid, he trusted her words.

He also wants to play pirates with Maggie this afternoon and wants to sleep in his cardboard box ship tonight. Maybe Maggie can help me convince him that it wouldn't be a good idea.

He reminds me of another cutie. This is my brother in 1987. He was pretending to be Peter Pan. I love that his shirt is on backwards.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blue Turtle's Bands

Last week, Maggie came home from school with the school newspaper. Look at this cutie on p. 3 on the school newspaper. It's Maggie! She was interviewed about her rainbow loom bracelet business.

I love the shout out to the tithe she gives to church from her profits.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Make her feel better

Today, Patrick was playing on pbskids' website. He loves Daniel Tiger and was making a picture.

He finished and told me that he made this for my "grandma who was sick". He asked me to "post this so she can see it on her phone".

He decided that this picture would cheer her up and make her feel better. What a sweet soul.

Twink, my mom's mom, is not doing well at all. She has Alzheimer's and has been having seizures. She's really sick and I'm trying to make some plans to get to Georgia. Please pray for her.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Patrick hates to eat. He will always pick playing over eating. It's so weird. 
I always joke that this is a sign that he is adopted, cause we Coles
 like to EAT.I have to force him to eat and sometimes I just get tired
 of fighting him and don't make him eat.
He's on the skinny side on the growth charts and he is super tall.

However, I've noticed that he gets super grumpy when he doesn't eat.
More than just hungry/grumpy. He is throwing fits and I can't get him to 
calm down. Then, I force something in his mouth and within minutes,
 he is fine.

I had his doctor run his blood sugar, but it was within the normal range. 

Then, I started thinking that maybe it was hypoglycemia. So, for the
 past 5 days, I have put him on an eating schedule. I set an alarm for 
every 2 hours and I force him to eat something. 

The fits are going away. I don't make him eat much,
 but every 2 hours, I make him eat a banana or a piece 
of cheese  or something. He's actually asking to eat more in 
between those times now. 

It's really  funny because when he hears the alarm on my phone, 

Do any of you have experience with something like this?