Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Steven is going to Colorado on Thursday.

Tonight, I am sitting in the living room as he plans and makes lists and lays out the stuff he is planning to bring on his trip.

I asked him what day he was going on the trip. Maybe I was confused and he's leaving tomorrow. I mean, Steven has NEVER purposefully packed for a trip a day before he leaves. He's more of a midnight-the-night-before-a-trip-packing-kinda guy.

He confirmed that he was leaving on Thursday, but he had a lot going on tomorrow. He's also trying to pack for 5 days camping, but not check his bag. And packing camping stuff on an airplane is not the easiest thing to do.

Then, he said (sweet words to my ears), "I think that you are also rubbing off on me in this area."


Ten years of being married and I feel a lot of joy from this conversation. My list making ways have finally rubbed off on him.

Just think....maybe ten more years and we'll start wearing matching outfits on Sunday mornings.

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