Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Fun Day

On Tuesday, we went to play putt putt at Boomer's in Modesto. Steven had just gotten back from Colorado the night before, but he wanted to spend the day with us before Maggie started school on Wednesday.

Little did we know the skills that our family has when it comes to putt putt. Maggie is on her way to becoming a pro. Do colleges give scholarships for putt putt?

Patrick was in heaven. I mean, come on...he had a golf club and a little ball. What could be better? He loved swinging the club and placing the ball in the hole with his hands. His favorite holes were the ones where you put the ball in a hole and it would go down a tunnel and come out on the other side of the hole.

Yes, I am a really good putt putt player!

Doesn't he make it look natural?

It was a fun last day of summer fun!

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