Monday, August 29, 2011

Morning breath

(this is an older picture of them, but it's still cute)

My kids love to snuggle in the morning. Patrick, Maggie and Steven were all snuggled up in bed and they were pretending to be asleep, which is one of Patrick's favorite "jokes". He snores and giggles.

This game involved snoring, giggling, squealing and starting all over again.

Patrick had a serious case of morning, milk breath.

Steven said, "Patrick has stinky morning breath." They all giggled.

Maggie repeated it, "Patrick has stinky morning breath." Silence.

Patrick piped up, "no, Maggie".

He was offended that Maggie thought he had stinky breath and blamed it on Maggie's breath instead.

I think they all needed a breath mint.

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