Saturday, June 23, 2012

Golf cart king

While we were at dad and Lisa's house, patrick decided that he wanted to drive the golf cart. Maggie and Steven were playing golf so I took him out.

He was thrilled. Patrick begs to drive our car everyday. If I tell him to get in the car, he climbs in the front set and offers to drive for us. So, this was a huge thrill for him.

We drove down to re end of the street where there was a cul de sac. I took these pictures over his shoulder while he was driving. Surprisingly, we are still alive.

The things they see

Yesterday was a long day. We drove and Patrick was fussy and Maggie was feeling nauseous and I just wanted out of this stinking car.

We made a game plan before we arrived at the hotel. I would take the kids swimming and Steven would unload what we needed, get dinner and get gas in the car.

When we got our swimsuits out, I pulled out a new pair of swim goggles and handed them to Maggie. I bought them at the end of last summer but kept them somehow!

She was so thankful and said, "mama, you think of everything."

It was such a sweet thing for an eight year old to say.

We got to the pool and there was such joy. We are out of the car! Maggie swam like a fish and Patrick has no fear with his ca chow life jacket on his white skinny chest.

The water was warm but it was cold outside. By the time, Steven got back, our lips were blue and we were so cold. We wrapped up the kids in white hotel towels and ran back to the room.

Steven had laid out our pajamas and gotten pizza and bread sticks and coke zeros. He got all my stuff out of the car and started charging up all the dying Mac products.

It was all so thoughtful and Maggie said, "man, daddy thought of everything for us while we were swimming."

I want her to remember moments like this on this crazy road trip.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5473.6

We are heading home now. I feel like I live in this car. And this car is disgusting. We left the Monroe family this morning :( and started driving to flagstaff.

I made the mistake of mentioning swimming. We have only heard about that for 8 hours.

But... We are in a good mood. I rented some movies on redbox and the kids are happy.

Patrick learned one of Maggie's road trip games. She took off the arm rest covers and put them on her feet. Her brother thought this was hilarious and put his on, too. His look like little slippers.

We are about three hours from swimming and watching veggie tales. Patrick said that bob looked like a squishy fruit snack.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Car sick

So far, we have done really well with carsickness. Maggie has her arsenal of stuff to keep her from getting sick and she has done so well.

On our first night of the trip, Patrick threw up. It was everywhere. It was awful.

But, other than that, we have done well.

Until....... Today.

Maggie was complaining about being sick after we got on the road. She was doing better but Patrick was complaining about his tummy hurting so we stopped at a McDonald's for him to go to the potty.

As we got out, she threw up on the side walk in front of the store. The cashier was so nice and handed Maggie a sprite.

We went to lunch and then Patrick was complaining about his tummy again. We stopped at a gas station and guess who threw up? Patrick.

As we are standing in front of the store, a man came out of the store and he said he was sorry that Patrick was sick and handed him a bag of candy corn.

I am not sure about the logic there. Why does a toddler who just threw up need candy corn? It was a nice gesture though.

Maggie said: man, people are nice to us when we throw up. Maybe we should throw up more often and we could get stuff.

Great idea.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Patrick has been talking about going to papa's house since we left California.

He was apprehensive about the "big trip" but got excited to see papa when he saw all the snacks that I was packing in the car.

Then, we were leaving town and tried to stop at McDonald's. Patrick got mad and just wanted to "go see papa".

But...we drove a week and 2000 miles and his first interactions with papa were rough. He just wanted me to hold him and grunted at anyone who looked at him.

We went to dad and Lisa's house and it was like he was a different kid. He was happy and talking and playing outside and so happy.

Dad hung out with us yesterday and we took out the golf cart and Patrick had a blast. He loved nana and papa's house and playing with "Elmo" aka Bruno (the cat).

Dad's neighborhood has a security guard at the front. Everytime we came in, they would ask us where were going. As Steven was giving the address, Patrick would yell from his car seat that we were going to "papa's house".

They had a good time together. I wish the visit would have been longer.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day five and we're still alive

Quick recap of yesterday....we got to new Boston to see Carolyn around 4:30. Steven and his mom went to get some food and I took the kids to backyard to play.

Maggie: it is so hot
Me: hot? It is not that hot.
Maggie: yeah. And it feels like rain and water on my skin.
Me: that is called humidity. I kinda like it.

It started to rain on us so we came inside. The kids played and watched tv and we fell asleep super early.

We got up on Thursday morning and headed to new Orleans. We stopped at a truck stop and Steven debated on getting cracklings and boudain. But decided against it. I got fried Cajun seasoned peanuts. They are yummy. The kids found this cool car in the parking lot.

Patrick keeps saying, "where are you taking me? On the big trip?".

We should arrive at the hotel soon. Maggie has big plans for the pool.

(we might see someone special on Sunday.....)

Day three part two

We came home and Jessica made homemade tortillas and chicken an I think Steven and I ate about a dozen of them. Maggie and her cousin, Cassidy, crafted and played. Patrick played on the backyard and ate bananas.

The girls drew with side walk chalk and Cassidy made us a welcome sign on the front sidewalk.

Aunt Billie came for dinner. Jessica made taco for us and we need to leave this girl's house. Seriously, she is a great cook! It was so nice to see aunt Billie. I haven't seen her in eleven years.

After dinner, we walked out in the front yard. There was an ugly storm about to start, but it made the night cool and wage kids just played and we hung up. Les and steven made a late night run to sonic and we watched the muppet movie. It was such a nice, relaxing day. Jessica and les are great hosts. Patrick didn't want to leave their house!

Day two part two

We stopped for lunch and before we even saw the sign, Patrick yelled, "chick a way". So, I am a good mama.

We ate nuggets and Patrick played and made a new friend. He is also doing super well with potty training.

We stopped at a truck stop and there was a cool car in the store.

Then, we got back in the car. We are headed to muleshoe, Texas now. A shower popped up as we were driving.

Patrick took a mid morning nap, too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day four

Day four started at 4:45 for me. Patrick woke up crying and needed a new diaper. Of course I couldn't find any and had to go outside to the van and woke up most of the house. After that, I couldn't sleep anymore. So, I was up when the alarm went off for us to start the trip.

Steven stopped at allsup's to get a breakfast burrito. This is a picture of Steven taking a picture of his burrito. At 7 am, I thought that was quite clever.

Steven congratulated us on our easy start to the morning and we headed out. The kids were barely awake and just relaxed for a while.

Right outside of fort worth, Steven passed a state trooper. He pulled him over for going 82 in a 75. He said""what is your hurry?". He only got a warning and I was trying not to laugh. I think he thought Steven was a crazy california driver! He told Steven that in that they are really cracking down on speeding in Texas.

Day three

Day three began with a trip to see Marta and her family. They were friends with Steven in high school. They were watching their grandchildren and Patrick and Maggie had a great time with Lincoln logs, looking for turtles and just playing in the backyard. Patrick really needed the outside time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 2 part 3

Man, I have a lot of time to blog when I am in the car for 10-12 hours a day.

We ate dinner at leal's in Clovis, new Mexico. It was divine. I haven't eaten that many carbs in a while but it was soooo worth it. Yum.

We also got out pirate costume stuff along the route.

Headed to brownfield now to stay with Steven's brother. He and Maggie are making shadow puppets in the car right now.

Day 2 part 3

Man, I have a lot of time to blog when I am in the car for 10-12 hours a day.

We ate dinner at leal's in Clovis, new Mexico. It was divine. I haven't eaten that many carbs in a while but it was soooo worth it. Yum.

We also got out pirate costume stuff along the route.

Headed to brownfield now to stay with Steven's brother. He and Maggie are making shadow puppets in the car right now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 2

I am pretty stinking tired today and my McDonald's coffee sucks.

But, we got up and out of the hotel quickly this morning. I went to Kroger this morning and was shocked to see a dozen eggs for 79 cents. Maybe we should move? The price of eggs is a good motivator. How is that word pronounced, Carla?! Just kidding.

We are about three hours away from alburqurque. Man, that word is hard to spell. And I found a chick fil a with a a playground and wifi so I am feeling hopeful.

Here are a few pictures... Patrick took off his socks and put them on his hands and was pretending to box. Maggie is writing cards and listening to music and Steven is trying to annoy me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 1 part 3

About one and a half hours away from Williams, Arizona. I negotiated a good deal on a hotel room with my phone. We should be there right before midnight.

We stopped at carl's junior in Barstow because the web said that there was a nice playground there. We get there and the playground was closed! What the poop?!

Luckily, there was a burger king next door with an indoor playground so Patrick and I walked next door while Maggie and Steven for some food. He played and we ate. The playground was hot.

We for back in the car and the kids watched lion king 1 1/2. Patrick didn't nap so I thought he might pass out pretty soon. We got to needles and I really needed a potty break. We stopped at a McDonald's there. Patrick has been wearing a diaper during the trip but has stayed dry the whole day. He just uses the potty with us.

We for back on the highway and Patrick said the most dreaded phrase.... I feel sick and barfed up chocolate milk. We pulled over in a tiny town and cleaned him up. It was 9:00 but the town was shut down. We for him and his seat as clean as possible and for him back in the car.

He just fell asleep. I volunteered to stay awake when we get to the hotel and wash and dry his stuff. I can get some sleep tomorrow while Steven drives.

Not the best way to end the first day of our trip but everyone is still in a good mood and Maggie is doing great with her eye patch.

Day 1 part 2

Maggie laid down as we crossed over the Mojave desert and the tehacipe pass so I had to take over with the slug bug graph and license plate bingo. I found a tour bus from Mexico. I made a special box for Mexico.

We went past the airplane graveyard and I have Patrick some little jets to play with. George from McDonald's gave them to him. Maggie got some monkey notecards.

Patrick really wants to climb the mountains that we are going over.

We will stop in about 1 hour for dinner. I think I have found a Carl's junior with a playground in Barstow. That would be an appropriate place for dinner on a Sunday since we didn't go there after church.

The Cole family vacation day 1

We left right after church. The car was loaded and we hit the road. Steven asked the kids if they wanted to stop at McDonald's for lunch. Maggie cheered. Patrick said, "no, I just wanna see papa."

Ever since he saw all of the snacks that were packed for us to go on the road trip, he just wants to "go see papa".

We made it to Merced (45 minutes away) before Maggie had to go to the potty. Dad called and we talked while we were stopped.

We got snacks and changed the DVD. We needed snacks cause it had been about thirty minutes since lunch. Any guesses on weight gain during this trip?

I passed out clipboards with license plate bingo sheets. Maggie thinks this is a great game and she and Steven are frantically trying to fill in the states. So far, they have found Idaho and Georgia and Pennsylvania. Patrick likes clicking the pen.

So, we will try to make it to Williams, Arizona tonight. It will be about 10 more hours.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

Today, this is what I found on the mirror. It says, "I love you mommy + daddy".

I hope it never gets wiped away.