Saturday, June 23, 2012

The things they see

Yesterday was a long day. We drove and Patrick was fussy and Maggie was feeling nauseous and I just wanted out of this stinking car.

We made a game plan before we arrived at the hotel. I would take the kids swimming and Steven would unload what we needed, get dinner and get gas in the car.

When we got our swimsuits out, I pulled out a new pair of swim goggles and handed them to Maggie. I bought them at the end of last summer but kept them somehow!

She was so thankful and said, "mama, you think of everything."

It was such a sweet thing for an eight year old to say.

We got to the pool and there was such joy. We are out of the car! Maggie swam like a fish and Patrick has no fear with his ca chow life jacket on his white skinny chest.

The water was warm but it was cold outside. By the time, Steven got back, our lips were blue and we were so cold. We wrapped up the kids in white hotel towels and ran back to the room.

Steven had laid out our pajamas and gotten pizza and bread sticks and coke zeros. He got all my stuff out of the car and started charging up all the dying Mac products.

It was all so thoughtful and Maggie said, "man, daddy thought of everything for us while we were swimming."

I want her to remember moments like this on this crazy road trip.

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