Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Patrick has been talking about going to papa's house since we left California.

He was apprehensive about the "big trip" but got excited to see papa when he saw all the snacks that I was packing in the car.

Then, we were leaving town and tried to stop at McDonald's. Patrick got mad and just wanted to "go see papa".

But...we drove a week and 2000 miles and his first interactions with papa were rough. He just wanted me to hold him and grunted at anyone who looked at him.

We went to dad and Lisa's house and it was like he was a different kid. He was happy and talking and playing outside and so happy.

Dad hung out with us yesterday and we took out the golf cart and Patrick had a blast. He loved nana and papa's house and playing with "Elmo" aka Bruno (the cat).

Dad's neighborhood has a security guard at the front. Everytime we came in, they would ask us where were going. As Steven was giving the address, Patrick would yell from his car seat that we were going to "papa's house".

They had a good time together. I wish the visit would have been longer.

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A Pastor's wife said...

You drove for one week with two kids? You are my hero and inspiration. Brandon has family in Colordao and has been wanting to go but I don't think I am ready to brave the drive...