Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day four

Day four started at 4:45 for me. Patrick woke up crying and needed a new diaper. Of course I couldn't find any and had to go outside to the van and woke up most of the house. After that, I couldn't sleep anymore. So, I was up when the alarm went off for us to start the trip.

Steven stopped at allsup's to get a breakfast burrito. This is a picture of Steven taking a picture of his burrito. At 7 am, I thought that was quite clever.

Steven congratulated us on our easy start to the morning and we headed out. The kids were barely awake and just relaxed for a while.

Right outside of fort worth, Steven passed a state trooper. He pulled him over for going 82 in a 75. He said""what is your hurry?". He only got a warning and I was trying not to laugh. I think he thought Steven was a crazy california driver! He told Steven that in that they are really cracking down on speeding in Texas.

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