Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Cole family vacation day 1

We left right after church. The car was loaded and we hit the road. Steven asked the kids if they wanted to stop at McDonald's for lunch. Maggie cheered. Patrick said, "no, I just wanna see papa."

Ever since he saw all of the snacks that were packed for us to go on the road trip, he just wants to "go see papa".

We made it to Merced (45 minutes away) before Maggie had to go to the potty. Dad called and we talked while we were stopped.

We got snacks and changed the DVD. We needed snacks cause it had been about thirty minutes since lunch. Any guesses on weight gain during this trip?

I passed out clipboards with license plate bingo sheets. Maggie thinks this is a great game and she and Steven are frantically trying to fill in the states. So far, they have found Idaho and Georgia and Pennsylvania. Patrick likes clicking the pen.

So, we will try to make it to Williams, Arizona tonight. It will be about 10 more hours.

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