Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day three part two

We came home and Jessica made homemade tortillas and chicken an I think Steven and I ate about a dozen of them. Maggie and her cousin, Cassidy, crafted and played. Patrick played on the backyard and ate bananas.

The girls drew with side walk chalk and Cassidy made us a welcome sign on the front sidewalk.

Aunt Billie came for dinner. Jessica made taco for us and we need to leave this girl's house. Seriously, she is a great cook! It was so nice to see aunt Billie. I haven't seen her in eleven years.

After dinner, we walked out in the front yard. There was an ugly storm about to start, but it made the night cool and wage kids just played and we hung up. Les and steven made a late night run to sonic and we watched the muppet movie. It was such a nice, relaxing day. Jessica and les are great hosts. Patrick didn't want to leave their house!

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