Thursday, June 21, 2012

Car sick

So far, we have done really well with carsickness. Maggie has her arsenal of stuff to keep her from getting sick and she has done so well.

On our first night of the trip, Patrick threw up. It was everywhere. It was awful.

But, other than that, we have done well.

Until....... Today.

Maggie was complaining about being sick after we got on the road. She was doing better but Patrick was complaining about his tummy hurting so we stopped at a McDonald's for him to go to the potty.

As we got out, she threw up on the side walk in front of the store. The cashier was so nice and handed Maggie a sprite.

We went to lunch and then Patrick was complaining about his tummy again. We stopped at a gas station and guess who threw up? Patrick.

As we are standing in front of the store, a man came out of the store and he said he was sorry that Patrick was sick and handed him a bag of candy corn.

I am not sure about the logic there. Why does a toddler who just threw up need candy corn? It was a nice gesture though.

Maggie said: man, people are nice to us when we throw up. Maybe we should throw up more often and we could get stuff.

Great idea.

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