Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day five and we're still alive

Quick recap of yesterday....we got to new Boston to see Carolyn around 4:30. Steven and his mom went to get some food and I took the kids to backyard to play.

Maggie: it is so hot
Me: hot? It is not that hot.
Maggie: yeah. And it feels like rain and water on my skin.
Me: that is called humidity. I kinda like it.

It started to rain on us so we came inside. The kids played and watched tv and we fell asleep super early.

We got up on Thursday morning and headed to new Orleans. We stopped at a truck stop and Steven debated on getting cracklings and boudain. But decided against it. I got fried Cajun seasoned peanuts. They are yummy. The kids found this cool car in the parking lot.

Patrick keeps saying, "where are you taking me? On the big trip?".

We should arrive at the hotel soon. Maggie has big plans for the pool.

(we might see someone special on Sunday.....)

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