Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 1 part 3

About one and a half hours away from Williams, Arizona. I negotiated a good deal on a hotel room with my phone. We should be there right before midnight.

We stopped at carl's junior in Barstow because the web said that there was a nice playground there. We get there and the playground was closed! What the poop?!

Luckily, there was a burger king next door with an indoor playground so Patrick and I walked next door while Maggie and Steven for some food. He played and we ate. The playground was hot.

We for back in the car and the kids watched lion king 1 1/2. Patrick didn't nap so I thought he might pass out pretty soon. We got to needles and I really needed a potty break. We stopped at a McDonald's there. Patrick has been wearing a diaper during the trip but has stayed dry the whole day. He just uses the potty with us.

We for back on the highway and Patrick said the most dreaded phrase.... I feel sick and barfed up chocolate milk. We pulled over in a tiny town and cleaned him up. It was 9:00 but the town was shut down. We for him and his seat as clean as possible and for him back in the car.

He just fell asleep. I volunteered to stay awake when we get to the hotel and wash and dry his stuff. I can get some sleep tomorrow while Steven drives.

Not the best way to end the first day of our trip but everyone is still in a good mood and Maggie is doing great with her eye patch.

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