Saturday, January 1, 2011

A gweat idea

Today, we cleaned up Christmas and generally cleaned up the house. It's such a nice feeling. Why does it make me feel so much more relaxed when the house is picked up. I don't think my husband will ever understand this about me, but luckily he helps me with it!

Patrick wanted to "help", too. He LOVES the vacuum cleaner and Steven had to take it apart to fix it. Patrick was truly in heaven. He got to help his daddy and fix his beloved vacuum cleaner.

My mom and Mr. Tom went on a date this afternoon. I think Maggie was a little jealous to be left behind, so my mom left instructions for taking care of NewDoggy while she was gone. If she does a good job, Maggie will get a dollar for babysitting.

This has been loads of fun for Maggie so far. She is taking this very seriously and we are documenting the tasks as they happen.

This is the snack that Maggie made for them. As I walked in and out of the kitchen, she would put M&Ms or a chip on his paw.

According to the schedule for New Doggy, it's naptime. Guess who fell asleep with him?! That's right, Maggie. I don't think she's taken a nap in about 2 years. I like this babysitting gig.


notesofnoah said...

Man, there's some genius in that plan...

Maggie is cute, taking care of Newdoggie. I guess the vacuum wasn't interesting to her :)

Jackie Kennedy said...

Maggie is more woman than I am. A day with N.d.? Ick. But Maggie is a cutie pie! And Pat Pat with the vacuum, too!

Bug said...

I don't understand what is so hard about spelling Newdoggy!

You will never believe my word verification - gassess! Do they know me or WHAT?