Thursday, January 27, 2011

Repost:February 19, 2008

Today: Look at how little Maggie and Jessica cute! Also, Brynn, I noted the name of the dog that Jesse is eating. POE!

Yosemite state park

We went to Yosemite state park. It was a rough start because Maggie stayed up too late and woke up super early. She was a bit of a crabby patty til we got there and saw the SNOW. Here's some pics from the day....

At a picture stop on the way there....

Maggie and Jessica made a snowman!

He's such a tree hugger

The gorgeous view

The end of the waterfall

She finally fell asleep and slept for 2 hours while we walked around and drank hot chocolate at the historic hotel there.

Jesse was so hungry, he decided to eat "Poe". That's maggie's furreal friend from McDonald's.

On our way out of the park. Guess what we saw? A coyote!

Someone wrote on the side of the van. Any idea who it was?!

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