Saturday, January 15, 2011

A letter to Steven

Dear Man who puts up with us,

We know that we drive you crazy. We know that we are not "your animals" or "your pets". But, we know that you love the people who love us and so you put up with us.

This week, our mom tried to get rid of fleas. Boy, did that turn out to be a big ol mess. I (Sparky) ended up being really sick. You came home from your meeting and tried to calm down mom on the way to the emergency vet. You didn't even get really mad when you saw the ginormous bill. You did ask for the percentage of survival before you put down the credit card, but you still were willing to save my life.

We don't expect you to pet us or feed us or even enjoy us, but we appreciate you letting us live in your house. We can't promise much. We might still drive you crazy, but the other people in your house appreciate you it, too!

Willie, Mickey and Sparky
(as dictated to Beth)

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