Friday, January 28, 2011

Great rejoicing!

Tonight, we were in the car waiting for Steven to get a DVD. Patrick was babbling and Maggie was dancing to KAT Country (the radio station) while we waited.

Maggie has been dying for Patrick to say her name. She practices with him and he just grins and says, "Mama".

In the middle of waiting for Daddy, Patrick said (very clearly), "MAGGIE".

We looked at each other in shock.

Then, the cheering began! We cheered and clapped and Patrick clapped.

Maggie reached over and hugged him. Then, he reached around her and tried to hug her again.

The love fest continued for several minutes until Daddy got back in the car. Maggie excited told Steven all about Patrick saying her name.

Steven said, "Patrick, did you say Maggie?".

Patrick grinned and said "Mama".

At least we heard it once.

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