Monday, January 24, 2011

Choo Choo

Patrick is obsessed with "choo choos". In fact, any large truck, bus or train is called a "choo choo". It's not just a little excitement. He screams "CHOO CHOO" everytime a big truck comes near him.

Today, I had to pick up some medicine for Maggie. That involved Patrick and I sitting in the pharmacy at Kaiser for 30 minutes. UGH. I decided to wait it out and just pray that nothing was broken while we were waiting for the medicine.

While we were waiting, Patrick flirted with the older ladies. They thought he was adorable and kept talking about his boots.

Then, we saw an ambulance. Whoa. That was cause for a big scream. "CHOO CHOO", he screamed out. Several people laughed quietly. He pressed his face against the glass door and watched the ambulance.

As he was losing it, they finally called our name and we got the medicine and went home. On the way home, he talked about that "choo choo". I told him to look outside and see if we could find anymore trains.

Then, we heard it. The train whistle. He got so excited. We got to the train tracks and I have never been so happy to be stopped by a train. We excitedly talked about the "choo choo" as it went by us.

As the last part of the train went by, he started waving and blowing kisses to the train. Then, my son (isn't that a great word?) said "I say bye bye choo choo".

He doesn't say a lot, but it was amazing to hear him talk about his passion.


Bug said...

He goes from saying very few words to saying FULL sentences...I say bye bye choo choo. I'm telling you the boy is a GENIUS. And he's cute AND he's funny!

Anonymous said...

I used to love driving by or being stopped by a train with Aiden and Evan. I don't think they got as excited as Patrick, but I loved hearing them say "choo choo!" So cute at that age.