Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday night random list

1. Maggie called Rachel today and Rachel texted her back. It said, "I love you, Maggie moomer and I love my patty cakes." Isn't that a cute nickname for Patrick? I really like that. I wish that Patrick knew Rachel and all of the Williamson family better. I think they would love him. While we were visiting Rachel in the hospital this summer, Patrick met them for a few minutes. He had Nonnie's hat on his head immediately!

2. I took Maggie on a girl date this afternoon. It's one of our Sunday afternoon traditions. We go get a drink and relax and talk without distractions. It was very nice. The only bad part about sitting at Starbucks was that we didn't have a blanket and it was so cold in there.

3. We remembered that Maggie had a gift card to Target that Miss Ilda gave her to celebrate being a big sister. We went to Target to spend it after we had a Starbucks drink. She looked all through the toys, but decided on a new outfit. It is very cute and very Maggie. She looks super in green. I guess this is a sign of being grown up that she doesn't want a toy, but would prefer a new outfit.

4. We picked out a new truck for Patrick while we were there. It was a fire truck that has a siren. This was the ultimate in cool toys for Patrick. It's a "Choo choo" and it's a truck. Seriously awesome.

5. Steven spoke at another church this morning. It was so interesting to not be at our church this weekend. But, I loved hearing him in a different setting.

6. I have a lot of classes right now. Cha ching.

7. My husband is really trying to find some tax deducts. He just asked me if I was blind. I'm not, by the way.

8. Maggie got a new mattress this weekend. She has my daybed from when I was younger. The last time I got on her mattress, I felt the springs in her mattress. I started calculating that the mattress was at least 20 years old. It could be older, I'm not sure. I'm not going to even think about the dust mites in that thing. It was hauled away and replaced on Saturday morning. It's nice. I wanna new mattress!!!

9. We played scene it at Robert and Amanda's house. I'm (humbly) really, really good at wheel of fortune, which was a type of puzzle during the game. I think I should apply to be on the show. I could make tons of money and win fabulous prizes.


brynn said...

Just curious... what does Steven think about the nickname "patty cakes"?

Oh - and sorry you're not blind, Beth.

beth said...

I don't think it will stick so he's not too worried yet!

He might poke my eye out tonight to claim that deduction.