Thursday, October 16, 2008

what a day

7 a.m. I took J on a breakfast date. I have a hard time connecting to her so I thought it would be fun to do something by ourselves. It was so nice. We colored and read books and ate waffles together. I think she hugged me 10 times at least. It was so nice.

8a.m. We came home before Maggie left for preschool. Within 2.5 (gotcha, Laura) seconds, she picked a fight with Maggie. And was teasing Maggie about how she got to go to breakfast by herself with me. Thankfully, Maggie was about to go to school. shew.

9a.m. The kids played nicely together while I folded 7 (really) loads of laundry that I have been putting off. While I bemoaned the fact that I have to sort thru 5 different people's socks, I told Steven that I think a lot of her issues are from competing with Maggie over stuff. About 2.5 seconds later (again, Laura), she picked a fight with R over a toy.

10 a.m. Went to Wal*Mart to get a few things that I wrote on my hand so I wouldn't forget them. Guess what? I got everything but those things. D'OH! I did find 3 matching pairs of Halloween crocs for the kids. So stinking cute.

10:30 a.m. On the way home, I called my mom. J heard her voice on my bluetooth that is a speaker phone and shouted "memaw"! I melted a little. She loves to talk to Memaw on the phone. She told Memaw that she wants a pink birthday party and for Memaw to make the cake for her.

11 a.m. Realizing that something is wrong with R. On Monday, he got shots. On Tuesday, he had a fever and a snotty nose. Today, he was super clingy. Even for R. What was going on? Almost had him to sleep and realized that I had to schlep across the street to pick up Maggie. Steven called at that moment and offered to go get Maggie before I asked. Yay, steven!

11:30 a.m. Realized that R is cutting molars.yay. The only way he will stop crying is if I am holding him. Not Steven. Only me. Yay.

12 p.m. Feed the kids and Maggie goes to play in her room for a little while. Steven offers to work from home during nap time so I can go back to the store. Get the kids to sleep very easily.

1 p.m. Maggie and I head to Target. To mix it up a little. She begs for some more pink reading glasses and a bible verse book. She quoted "to everything there is a season under heaven" and sings this little song about what God made during creation. How could I resist?

2 p.m. (are you still with me?) Nothing much until around 5 p.m. Steven leaves for Jesse's bachelor party.

Oh wait, my mom called. Not bad news, but not great news on my stepdad.

5 p.m. Check my email. Kids have a different social worker than our SW. Kids' SW writes me an email that I have to take the kids to another visitation next week in addition to the one that I am already going on with another family member. So, 2 visitations next week. Yipp-freaking-ee. This also makes me realize that the chances that the kids will be without forever is slim. I mean, we knew it, but now it looks more and more likely that they will go somewhere else. Ugh. I lost it. They drive me insance, but I don't want them to leave our family.

7p.m. Kids all go to sleep. 30 minutes later, R cries. He doesn't cry usually if he is asleep. As I am walking to his room, the smell of poop hits me. He is about to explode. I change his diaper and get him back to sleep on me. Then, he goes back to sleep. Maybe it's the fever or the teeth or something.

Every 15 minutes, J starts whimpering again. She is just crying in her sleep. I can't figure out what is going on unless it's because Steven didn't put her to sleep. She doesn't sleep well if I put her to bed.

Lovely. Now, I am mindlessly surfing the web and snuggling with Maggie.


Steven said...

pray that they stay...that is the only thing we can do...

And you are the most awesomest mom/wife ever!

Bug said...

I'm sorry that I didn't get to IM with you last night. I really wanted to. I wanted you to be able to tell me everything you thought/felt about all of this. I tried to stay up so you could IM but after the bleeding thing stopped, I passed out and snored the rest of the night.
Maybe tonight, you can IM for a while.
I really didn't want you to go through the whole emotional roller coaster of "will we get to keep them or not." But, remember, a bunch of people were praying about the adoption. This is what God felt was best, for some reason.
Hang in there.