Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our little boy

Our little guy is such a sweetie. And such a ladies man. He has dark eyes and dark eyelashes and at church today, he was blinking his eyes and staring at Carla and Tiffany.

When Maggie was a baby, I longed for a snuggle bug. You know one of those babies that would sit in your lap ad like to be snuggled? She was so wiggly. Well, I got my wish in this little guy. He loves to snuggle. This morning at coffee time, he snuggled up against me and was about to go to sleep. I was afraid for him to go to sleep because I was in the nursery this morning and if he falls asleep on someone and is put down in a crib, he will wake up and not be a happy guy which would be hard in the nursery. So, I asked Carla to hold him. She held him all during the service and he just slept and snuggled against her. Thanks, Carla!

He was wearing a cute little blue button down shirt and little brown boots today. He is so stinking cute. He has these cute curls in the back of his hair, too. I think I am in love.

He's very popular in our house, too. Steven loves his little man and they watched football together yesterday. Steven likes that he is so tough. He bangs into stuff and doesn't ever cry.

Maggie loves him and gets to baby him a little, which makes her happy. He is very even tempered. His only response to questions is "yeah", so Maggie asks him if he likes Hannah Montana. Then, he will say "yeah". Maggie thinks this is hilarious.

J is warming up to him too. I didn't notice much interaction between them before. Now, they plays and run and chase after each other. He lights up when she comes in the room. It's very sweet.

So, here's to our little boy. Don't worry, there will be more on J to follow.

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