Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What are some of your favorite smells?

Steven is baking whole wheat bread right now. The smell of it is amazing.

There's a powerful connection between smells and emotions. This smells like home and warmth to me.

What are some of your favorite smells and what emotions does it bring up in you?


Anonymous said...

mmmm freshly baked bread does smell heavenly doesn't it?

peaches - childhood summers
johnsons baby powder - oh man does that take me back to sweet that newborn baby smell!
green apple scented dish detergent - automatically makes me nauseous from the time I was pregnant with Lilianne

man there are a million smells that evoke so many smells and memories. Great topic Beth!

Tiff Niff said...

Green Apple Suave Shampoo always brings back memories of going camping and jet skiing with the friend Sam. That's the only shampoo her mom would bring every year.

Bug said...

The smell of limes reminds me of my Grandmama Davis. She and Granddaddy lived in Florida for a while and she liked to cook with citrus.

Ironically, the smell of oranges reminds me of my Grandmama Cowan. She always peeled the oranges to make the ambrosia for Christmas. I would eat the extra orange left on the peel.
The smell of quame reminds me of Maggie.