Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maggie's prayers

Last night, I put Maggie to sleep. We read a book and said our prayers. I've been trying something new with Maggie. I ask her to tell God who she is thankful for. Last night, she listed Memaw, NahNah, Scrappy(her cat, Nana and Papa, and Miss Judi.

Miss Judi just left for Japan (aka China) to be a missionary. She will be working in a school. I'm so proud of her for taking this leap of faith.

Then, I asked Maggie to tell God if she was sorry for anything. This is a touchy question for Maggie. She wants to tell God that she is sorry, but needs to explain why she did whatever she did and why it's not really her fault!


Bug said...

Oh, I'm glad Maggie's thankful for me and Nah Nah and Scrappy. I'm thankful for her, too. I've started praying for her husband (wherever he is) and that he will be kept safe, etc.

Walking to China said...

Wow! Maggi sounds like....the rest of us! At least she is more honest about it!