Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school

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Remember last year? I would drop off Maggie at school every day and every day she would cry when I left her. She would be so sad.

Today, she woke up at 7 a.m. I was in the bathroom and Steven was walking out the door. Maggie yelled, "GOOD MORNING! IT'S PRESCHOOL TODAY!" She was up and dressed in about 2.5 seconds (quote for Laura Hallford) and begging to go to school. I walked her outside and showed her that her teacher's cars weren't in the parking lot yet. While we outside, I took pictures. I asked her to smile, but she couldn't. She had to make only silly faces.

I took her to school. No crying. Just walked right in and said "hi" to everyone. Then, all the other moms and dads were standing around and kissing screaming kids. Maggie said "give me a kiss and go, mommy". I told her that I could wait with her for a minute, she said "no, just give me a kiss and go". So, I followed her instructions and left. What a difference in one year.

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Laura said...

2.5 seconds -- LOVE IT!! Oh the memories.