Friday, August 15, 2008

The Family Tree

I want to type this out. What if I forget about this extended family?

First, there was Johnny. He is Maggie's imaginary friend. He is from "oka-homa".
Then, Logan. This is Johnny's brother. He was born in Texas.
Then, Sleeping Beauter. This is Johnny's sister. She is not Logan's sister.

Maggie alternately marries Johnny or Logan. It just depends.

Then, Maggie had Shanna. This is Maggie's baby, but we are unsure of who the father is. Shanna does some crazy things. One night, she ran around the living room without her diaper on. This cracked Maggie up. She was screaming and screeching at her to put on her diaper.

Ariel is Maggie's imaginary dog.

Someday (hopefully) they will all disappear. In the meantime, they are a fun addition to our household.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were growing up?


Steven Cole said...

did? I do have imaginary friends. They are sitting on the couch with me now!

Bug said...

I had an imaginary friend named Yvonne when I was about four. I don't think I was as obssessed with her as Maggie is with Johnny, etc. I just remember talking to her in the backyard. My family knew about her but we didn't talk about her all the time. Now, of course, I have a step-daughter named Yvonne.