Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Working out

Great day today! Maggie and I had our quiet time. Then, the timer went off and we went to the park across the street to play. While we were there, Stacie called to see if we wanted to use our free gym pass. So, we took the girls and walked on the treadmills for about 45 minutes. Then, Steven met us there. Came home and ate our beans that were waiting on us in the slow cooker. Just a good day. I feel better after working out.

Maggie is doing this weird thing. I know, you are shocked! She is afraid that she is going to "plug up the potty" with toilet paper. This girl uses like 1 sheet and she is so scared of plugging it up. It's so weird. I have started laying out the right amount for her so that she won't be afraid to go to the potty.

Also, I heard through the grapevine today that 4 restaurants are closing in LaGrange. I will list them in order of importance from least to Greatest.
1.Golden Corral (who cares?)
2.Ryan's (surprising...because everyone loves trough style eating)
3. Brusters (I am sad. I love their ice cream.)
4. Loco's (This is heartbreaking. This was where we played trivia every Tuesday night. so sad. What happened?)

So, on that sad note, goodnight.

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mamaktbug said...

i found you! haha! this is katie from mops. glad to hear the schedule is working out for you! let's plan a playdate for next week, shall we?


ps. i love playing scrabulous too. do you play it on facebook?