Friday, May 16, 2008

Prince Caspian

I can't wait to see Prince Caspian. I am so ready to go and see it. The coolest part about it is that we can take Maggie with us. She gets so excited when she sees the previews on tv. I don't have to find a babysitter! Who wants to go with us?!


Tiff Niff said...

Me, me, pick me!!!!!!!!!!

Bug said...

What! I posted a comment yesterday. What happened to it????

Jayme said...

matt took the youth tonight and i had to stay home b/c the youth are our i want to see it, though.

i'll miss you on xanga...come visit please!

mamaktbug said...

john and i are prolly going on wednesday but we do havta find a babysitter...don't think the dude would last. ;-D

Carolyn said...

I saw it Friday night with a friend. It was AWESOME!! I can't wait until they make another one!