Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good day

It was just one of those days that was really good. Maggie went to preschool. Steven met me at the coffee shop and we worked on our budget. If I continue to keep up my number of classes, we can eliminate a lot of debt within the next year. Like major debt reduction by this time next year. So exciting to see that worked out on paper. Can we pull it off? God is so good. Even though we are so dumb when it comes to our money and budgeting, He still provides for us and our needs.

Then, I went to the Mother's day tea at Maggie's school. It was so cute. She made me a present and we ate strawberry shortcake together. Then, we went to Target and Chipotle for lunch. She got a new pack of drawing paper, so she was super pumped up.

Then,back home for quiet time. I got way ahead on my work. Then, we walked to the post office. We stopped at a table by a coffee shop and walked outside for a while. Just a great day.

Ate an early, light supper. We went to Stacie's house for dessert so that our husbands could meet each other. We are going to start trading off babysitting and thought that our families should meet each other. It was a nice night. Maggie was a little toot though. It was too late for us to go out and she was whiney. I guess I was wanting too much from her at the end of the day.

Now, I am watching the Office and playing scrabulous. Again, a perfect day.

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