Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love MOPS

We had MOPS today. I love my table. There was a new girl at our table today named Katie. She was so cute and had great ideas. I was talking about how I don't like the afternoons. I don't know what to do with them. She doesn't take a nap and I don't know how to fill up the time. I feel like I get a load of laundry done, then I need to play with her, then cook dinner and then she needs me and then I have to work, too. I feel so scattered. I don't what to do with the time. Katie and Stacie suggested that I make a schedule. I thought about how much my girl loves routine. So, I started an afternoon schedule. The mornings are so varied and busy, so there's no need to have a schedule for it.

We got home from lunch and at 2:00 she went to her room for quiet play. I have a time near the door to let her know when she can come out. I told her that I wouldn't bother her at all during this time that it was her time to do whatever she wanted to do without me bothering her. She liked this idea.

She came out once for help going to the potty and went right back to her room. Then, from 3:30-4:00, we are going outside to play. Then, we have a free trial at the gym this week and there's a kid class from 4:30-5:30 that she wants to try. It's exercise class for the kids while you work out. Pretty cool. I feel much less stress. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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