Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random things

It's a good day. Maggie went to preschool. I worked while she was in school. Things at church are awesome. I picked up Maggie after preschool. Her teacher reported that Maggie said she was "literally tired". Where does she get these things? Then, I got a VBS handout from her school. Yay for VBS! I signed her up online as she ate her lunch. Steven was making fun of me for being "one of those people who sign their kids up for different VBS". Whateva! I am okay with being one of those people.

Maggie came home from preschool and put on her pjs since she was literally tired. She tried to use her walkie talkies. She couldn't get them to work and was frustrated. She said" Great caesar's ghost!". What?! She picks up some strange phrases.

Now, we are cleaning up and playing. Maggie is getting so much better at playing in her room by herself. Heavenly!

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