Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A smattering of things

I love going back and reading these Maggie quotes. So, I have to be sure to write them down.

I told Maggie yesterday that we were going to Disney. Yeah, I caved. She is pretty stinking excited. Then, I told her about the shoes. She told me that I was the best mommy ever. awwww

We had our last MOPS meeting of the year. I love MOPS so much. We had a spa day and I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever. It didn't hurt too bad. Maybe like a band aid being ripped off my face.Then, they cut my hair. It's a shorter version of my haircut. Maggie brought a gift card for her Moppets worker, too.

Yesterday, she had dance classes with Miss Nik Nak. She was complaining about something hurting. Maggie told me that Nikki prayed for her during dance class.How sweet!

I watch my Roomba vacuum a lot. Steven bought it for me during a woot off. I have been begging for one for about 3 years now.

I ran to Starbucks for much needed caffeine. I haven't been going to bed at night and getting up too early and on the go all day long. Maggie called me as soon as I left the door. Guess what? She was "telling" on Daddy again. It was hilarious.

There's something else that I wanted to say, but my head isn't fully functioning.

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