Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm sitting here working/playing Words with Friends and Steven asks me if I have heard of this girl. http://www.kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/

I googled her and started reading and crying. He's reading the USA today article to me as I'm reading her blog.

She is a mama to 13 children. We just kept repeating, "it's so crazy, it's so crazy".

But as Christians, it's not that "crazy". It's what we are called to do. We are supposed to be crazy and do crazy things.

I'm such a mom. My first thought is, "what if that was Maggie?".

What would you do if it was your daughter? Would you be proud? Terrified for her safety?

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lifewith4walls said...

I love her blog too Beth...makes me do lots of questioning as well. Haven't come up with any answers yet -- but that's a start, right? :)