Saturday, October 22, 2011

Patrick's tonsils

Patrick had his tonsils taken out yesterday. The hospital was really nice and the nurses/doctors were amazing. Everyone was amazingly nice and helpful to us.

Here are some funny moments that were maybe just funny to us since we are sleep deprived after taking care of a wimpy 2 year old:

One of the nurses came in the room and was talking to Patrick. She said, "what is your name?". He said "Me!"

The doctor came to check on Patrick after he got out of surgery and looked at him. He said, "Is he always that pale?". We laughed and assured the doctor that he is just a really white baby.

Patrick refused to eat or drink. He ate some ice chips on Friday afternoon The nurses were really concerned and kept trying to get him to eat. We told them that he doesn't eat much on a regular basis and has gotten really skinny. The nurse looked confused and then said, "but both of you are both so, are healthy".

There's lots more to tell. I just wanted to remember some of the funny moments!

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