Monday, October 10, 2011


Sparky came to us on a cold February morning. He was an adorable tabby kitten who was in Steven's motor. Maggie begged us to let her keep him. I can't say that he is my favorite cat in the world. He's just kinda umm......ANNOYING.

He's one of those cats who is always hungry. Norma (our vet friend) told me that it was because he was on his own for so long before he came to us and he's always worried about being hungry again. This results in him always meowing and weaving his way through your legs in the kitchen.

If you go to the kitchen, he's meowing and running to the kitchen.

If you open the fridge, he's trying to jump in the fridge.

But, he is snuggly and cute, so we try to find the nice things about him and focus on those things.

Earlier this year, he had a bad reaction to flea medication. He started having seizures and we ended up spending $400  on this cat. My husband is a saint.

I told Sparky that it was his one get out of jail free card and not to pull anymore stunts like that again.

Sparky and Mickey are great at one thing. Killing gophers in the backyard. We live next to a big field and they probably bring us a dead gopher once or twice a week. This makes up for some of Sparky's other annoying habits, I guess?

On Tuesday, Sparky came home and was slightly limping. I checked him out and found nothing.

By Friday morning, he wasn't putting any pressure on it and it was really swollen. I finally found a bite mark. Probably from a mad gopher.

Crap. I love Sparky, but I can't spend another $400 on him.  What in the world was I going to do about this?

On a side note: Maggie said that Sparky was probably just faking this injury so we would start really liking him.

I called Norma and she said it wasn't necessary to come in yet. Just to apply warm compresses on the spot and let Sparky try to heal on his own.

I asked her at what point I would need to bring him in. She said that if he developed a fever. Or if he was lethargic.

Lethargic?! I literally laughed out loud. Has she met this cat? I mean, he sleeps 20 hours a day. How would I even know if he was lethargic?!

So, I applied warm compresses to the cat. (p.s. cats hate this)

And I prayed. And guess what? Sunday morning, he came inside and was walking completely normal and the swelling was gone.

Maggie was right. I do like him a little more now. I am so glad he's okay.

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