Friday, October 7, 2011


Patrick calls every pair of shoes "boots".

Last winter and fall, he would only wear boots. Even if he only had on a diaper, he was wearing his boots. My parents got him a pair of cowboy boots with Woody and Buzz on them and he LOVED them.

Today, it got a little chilly and I told him that it was time for us to go look for a new pair of boots. I didn't think that we would find cowboy boots with characters on them again this year. In fact, "pre-baby" Beth thought that shoes with characters on them was ridiculous.

"Current" Beth thinks it's a great idea. Anything to get my kids to put on clothes without a fight is a good idea, in fact.

We looked at the options at Target. We didn't see much. In fact, Patrick was eyeing a pair of tennis shoes with CARS on them. I was willing to compromise and get these. I mean, if he didn't care that they weren't boots, why should I care?

Then, we saw these boots.
He threw down the CARS tennis shoes and tried to start putting on these bad boys.

I had to calm him down and convince him to wait until we paid for them. We put them on as soon as he got in the van.

He looked down at the boots and puffed out his chest and said, "my boots. I daddy". This was followed by, "go daddy. see boots?".

All this is translated into:I'm cool like Daddy because I have new boots. Can we go show Daddy my new boots?

So, we did and he compared his boots to the ones that Steven was wearing and he showed them to everyone this afternoon. These will be the boots that Patrick has picked for his fall fashion line this year.


Valerie said...

soo cute! Me and Phillip both agree with Pat- boots like daddies are the best :)

T said...

So cute!!!!