Thursday, October 13, 2011

LOL (for real)

When I met Steven, I realized something very interesting about him. He really laughs at tv shows.  Like really LOLs at the tv.

I don't know why this stood out as so odd to me. I think that I usually smile at something or maybe let out  a small giggle if something is funny.

Am I weird or is he the weird one in this relationship?

I think it says a lot about our relationship and the way we see life.

Or maybe I'm just a big stick in the mud who is usually blogging while he watches tv and I'm not really paying attention to the show.

What do ya'll think? Is it weird to laugh at tv shows? Or am I weird and don't know how to really let loose?

Deep thoughts during Thursday night tv shows....


Noah said...

It depends on the show. For The Office I laugh and sometimes clap :)

beth said...

LOL, Noah. I laughed and clapped at Community last night. It was so funny!