Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snuggly and snotty

Fall is coming and Patrick's body has noticed. It seems like Fall is a hard time on his lungs. The weather changes a little bit and changes back and he's hit hard.

He has asthma and is snotty and coughing a lot and his eyes are running like crazy.

During the day, it doesn't bother him a lot. He's a little more whiny, but he's still a crazy man. He's running around the house and pulling his sister's pink luggage around behind him and nothing slowly him down.

Last night, we were watching Law & Order and it was about a doctor who performed late term abortion. In the middle of this intense scene(I hate shows like this), Patrick starts really coughing and crying. We went to check on him and I stayed in his room and rocked him for a while.

He was sweating and had this deep cough. I snuggled him up in a blanket and rocked him in the rocking chair that had belonged to my great grandfather. He settled down looked up and smiled and sighed and put his head on my chest. I looked down at his curly blond head and started bawling.

I'm so sure that abortion was a thought that his biological mom contemplated. She knew that her relationship with his dad was in trouble and she was struggling with taking care of his older brother. But, she didn't. I'm forever grateful to her for that.

We have the most precious, crazy, giving kisses, talking on the cell phone to his imaginary friends, little boy and I'm grateful.

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Rebekah Sanders said...

Our oldest (and my dh) both have asthma pretty bad and it's awful this time of year in particular. When he was little, our dr told us that if he was starting to have an attack or wheeze to stick his head in the freezer while he tried to catch his breath. Somehow the cold helps to open up the airways. Might be worth a try!