Thursday, September 2, 2010

Webkinz jr.

Recently, I was sent some Webkinz Jr. to try out and share with others. Webkinz Jr. are a new kind of Webkinz that are appropriate for younger kids.

Are you shocked that Maggie picked out a brown puppy to love? His new name is Duke.

We gave them to some friends. They were very excited to pose with their new pets!

We also received coloring books that we took to the Back to school night while everyone was setting up.

We have enjoyed playing online with the website. It seems to be appropriate for younger kids and not too frustrating like other online sites can be sometimes.

(I was given webkinz jr. to review for this post.)

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Sharla said...

My kids haven't been introduced to the Webkin thing yet. Do you mind if I ask you how you were able to get them for free in order to review them? I have seven little "reviewers" here who would love to give it a try!!!